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LE GRAND HOME CINEMA product lines extend to affordable series with the new TV Kiosk. Targeted scope and tight dimensions are the main design features resulting in a very small footprint allowing installation in any room or inside another piece of furniture. 

CHEVRIER TECHNOLOGIES wish you years of enjoyment and satisfaction with your TV Kiosk!


The TV Kiosk is available in two series.

  • Home: Product available from ready-to-finish to lacquered or varnished and ultimately ready-to-use equipped with TV set.
  • Business: Product ready-to-use with a choice of Professional Displays for intensive use (24/7).


The objective with the TV Kiosk is to provide a solution to protect and hide flat screen TV inside a piece of furniture which can be installed in any interior. We offer three selected products, first and second do not have TV set installed and third is complete and ready-to-use. All have the TV lift and accessories including its control buttons, the cable guide and a multiple socket with power cord. The ready-to-finish model is perfect for those willing to install their own TV set and to finish decoration to their choice. This is a pre-built solution fitted inside another piece of furniture or a space reserved in a complete project.

The design of this product line was guided towards strict and narrow shape to allow a discreet installation and a minimum space for each flat screen size. The fully equipped version is easy to install and limited to plugging cables to wall sockets and securing cabinet against the wall after drilling two holes. Operation is also very simple: Action on lift button will rise up top panel and TV set up to the viewing position and then you can switch-on the TV remote and select your program. The reverse operation will close down the panel when lift is retracted.


Reference / Screen size / Composition

TV Kiosk w/o TV set, ready-to-finish TV Kiosk w/o TV set, decorated TV Kiosk Ready-to-use, decorated Option



Option pack: Apple TV, BD Player, Smart remote Dimensions

(L/W/H) inches


32 inches  – 80cm

TV032 TV132 TV232 All TV232

31.9”/29.2”/9.5” – 810/740/240

40 inches – 102cm

TV040 TV140 TV240 All TV240

39.4”/29.2”/9.5” – 1000/740/240

46 inches – 119cm TV046 TV146 TV246 All TV246

45.7”/32.3”/9.5” – 1160/820/240

55 inches – 140cm

TV055 TV155 TV255 All TV255

55.2”/35.1”/11.9” – 1400/890/300


The difference to the cabinet from Home products is the installation of components of the highest level of performance. We have selected the same high reliability TV Lift system as the one use on master product “LE GRAND HOME CINEMA”. This is a combination of our own design with powerful column and controller made by European manufacturers. This results in a smooth and quite operation running at low load factor. Targeted applications being advertising and Signage we equipped our cabinet with Professional Displays from most famous brands. We can also prepare the unit to be controlled remotely and interfaced with Main Control Systems.


Reference / Screen size / Composition

TV Kiosk


Pro Display <=450Cd/m2

TV Kiosk  Ready-to-use

Pro Display



RF Remote (in replacement

of IR)


Wiring prepared to connect to Main Control Systems


(L/W/H) inches – mm

40 inches – 102cm

TV340 TV440 All All

39.4”/29.2”/10.0” – 1000/740/254

46 inches -119cm

TV346 TV446 All All 45.7”/32.3”/10.0” – 1160/820/254

55 inches – 140cm

TV355 TV455 All All

55.2”/35.1”/11.9”” – 1400/890/300


Model with decoration completed can be natural varnished (MDF material) or lacquered (black or white). Other decoration is available from our Collection and is subject to charge.