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Support & Services

suiviInstallation and optimization
Each GRAND HOME CINEMA is produced and tested at CHEVRIER TECHNOLOGIES works before delivery.
We will collect your location data at the time of each order and will provide guidance about the best conditions of installation and utilization to reach the Highest Satisfaction in the future. We will install each GRAND HOME CINEMA at your location and fine-tune the ultimate settings to match your room environment for your long-term satisfaction.

Chevrier Technologies Services : a superior Support
We offer a FIVE-YEARS Warranty on the TV Lift system.
We offer a TWO-YEARS Warranty on all integrated equipment with an optional Warranty extension to FIVE-YEARS.
Our price offer will provide all details for Delivery and Installation, Payments and Warranty Terms and Conditions.
Each integrated component has been subject to an extensive analysis before selection. However, despite this BEST selection, our dedicated audio video specialists  will replace any deficient module within the best and agreed time frame after your call.

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