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“Grand Home Cinema” Business Solutions offer includes five different product compositions in furniture of a design allowing custom decoration. When television set lifts up it will reveal high quality video and sound emotion. This product will raise your company’s image to the highest standard and will leave your hosts and clients with magic souvenir of their stay.

The GRAND HOME CINEMA concept is the starting point for developing Business Solution product line for hotels, conference centers and businesses. This line takes profit from key features of other company’s products: all-in-one, easy to use, large span of functionalities to meet customer’s expectations. This is assembled in optimized furniture with design focused to satisfy intensive use in businesses desiring exceptional service to their hosts.
The HC0 product model is the most reduced and compact range and must be secured against a wall. Its volume is outlined in a lacquered rounded frame with the objective of a better resistance to frictions and shocks while overall look seems smaller. The base is narrower than frame and can receive finishing materials aligned with the ones used in the destination room. The HC1 product model can additionally be installed in the middle of a room and has the same rounded soft shape as HC0. Mechanical equipment are carefully selected by CHEVRIER TECHNOLOGIES for their life cycle capabilities equal or better than 10 000 cycles, i.e. about 10 years of use.
Upon request CHEVRIER TECHNOLOGIES can manage project and deliver centralized custom solution including all required products and interfaces.
Product is available in two furniture arrangements, both closed on standby mode with integrated lift to raise television set and sound bar.

HC0 SERIES: 32, 42, 46 inches screen size (81, 107, 119 cm)
All-in-one furniture set with lacquered decoration to be secured to a wall:
Television set LED HD “Hospitality”,
DTT/Cable/SAT decoders,
Sound bar system from 42 inches size, Motorized lift controlled by push buttons, Single remote for television set and sound bar.

32HC0 (36.2/29.5/11.8) – 42HC0 (45.7/30.7/14.2) – 46HC0 (48.8/33.9/15.0)


HC1 SERIES: 40 & 46 inches screen size (102, 119 cm)
All-in-one furniture set on wheels with lacquered decoration to be installed either in the middle of a room or against a wall (cable connections underneath and on the bottom rear):

  • Television set LED HD “Hospitality”,
  • DTT/Cable/SAT decoders,
  • Sound bar system,
  • Disc player (Blu-ray, DVD, CD),
  • Motorized lift controlled by remote,
  • Wi-Fi router,
  • Single universal remote fully programmed by activities.

40HC1 (145.7/33.1/16.6) – 46HC1 (51.2/36.2/19.3)



  • *Custom decoration,
  • *Option pack “Business”:
  • – Apple TV (AirPlay technology),
  • – Wireless multimedia Transmitter,
  • *Smart controller in replacement to universal remote for extended functions,
  • *Remote active control for hotels.